News from Ohio: Demonstrates need for a power of attorney

I stumbled across this news article from, The Akron Beacon Journal Online (read the whole story here) via one of my favorite blogs, Thaddeus Pope’s Medical Futility Blog.


It’s quite a compelling story surrounding a common scenario I see in my daily work in the ICU.  An 80 year old woman is fighting for more time to make end of life decisions for her brother, who is 78 and is currently terminally ill and unresponsive on a ventilator.  Some quotes from the article:

Eugenia Basheotis, 80, obtained the restraining order last week, just hours before Summa Health System’s deadline to remove her brother from life support.

A hearing on whether to continue life support for William Basheotis, 78, is now set for later this week in Summit County Probate Court.

He was taken to Summa on Sept. 8 and his terminal condition was revealed to his sister on Sept. 11.


Her attorney, Kevin Breen, of Fairlawn, said Eugenia Basheotis was unprepared for the sudden life-support decision and she simply wants to further contemplate her brother’s future medical care.

It certainly will be interesting to hear more details and how this story pans out…

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